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Intel powered servers
Celeron, Core i and XEON cpu's!
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AMD powered servers
Athlon(x2), Sempron and Opteron cpu's
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$49.95 USD More
Shared Hosting on one of our
cPanel® powered Servers!
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This page lists upgrades, addons and OS'es for the servers.

Please note: all hardware upgrades ordered after the server has been setup will be charged a $30 USD one-time setup fee. This includes OS Restores.

Available Products

For a list of our Intel servers: click here
For a list of our AMD servers: click here

Hard Drives

Upgrades depend on the server type. Please see order form.
(Accessable by clicking Buy Now on server page)

SATA RAID Solutions: Please see our order forms or:
contact sales.


Memory upgrades depend on the server type.
Please see order form.
(Accessable by clicking Buy Now on server page)


Extra traffic can be purchased in advance of an overusage or can be added as standard addon to your package.

-     250GB: $10 USD
-     500GB: $15 USD
-   1000GB: $25 USD
-   1500GB: $35 USD
-   2500GB: $50 USD
-   5000GB: $75 USD
- 10000GB: $125 USD

Please also note that all servers with 100Mbit + 3500GB Traffic can be switched to 10Mbps Unmetered, free of charge.
10Mbps Unmetered can push approximately 3000GB IN and 3000GB OUT.

Each server, with the exception of 10Mbps Unmetered systems, are connected to a 100Mbit burstable port.

This means that you can burst to a full 100Mbit/sec port utilization if the network allows it, which will in practice usually be 99% of any given time and thusly will usually allow you to burst to such speeds at any random moment that you require afformentioned speed.

DedicatedBox guarantees a minimal throughput of 10Mbit/sec at any time, even with a extraordinary high general network utilization.
On top of the guaranteed speed, you can burst to 100Mbit/sec periodically should the capacity be available, which it normally is.

A 1GBit Port can be purchased for $150 USD/month extra.

Overusage: $0,50 per GB

Control Panels

Unlimited Domains licence: $35USD/Month
With cPanel NGINX plugin: $5 USD/Month extra

Parallels Plesk:
10 Domains licence: $10 USD/month
100 Domains licence: $30 USD/Month
Unlimited Domains licence: $50 USD/Month

Virtuozzo VPS licenses: Please see order form.


DedicatedBox offers reseller plans to ensure you can build a profitable and stable business.
Clients with multiple servers can also apply for discount.

As a reseller, you will get:
Raised Priority Support;
Lower managed support fee's;
Special Offers.

As a reseller, you may be eligible for bulk discounts. Please contact sales!

To apply for a reseller account you will need atleast 2 active servers with us.

If you comply with those conditions and want to become a reseller, Please contact sales.

Operating Systems

Linux 32/64Bit:
CentOS 5/6: Free of charge
Fedora Core: Free of charge
Debian 5/6: Free of charge

FreeBSD 32/64Bit:
Version 6.0: Free of charge
Version 7.0: Free of charge

Windows Server 2003 32/64Bit:
Web-Edition (32Bit only!): $20USD/Month extra
Standard-Edition: $25USD/Month extra
Enterprise-Edition: $35USD/Month extra

Windows Server 2008 32/64Bit:
Web-Edition: $20USD/Month extra
Standard-Edition: $25USD/Month extra
Enterprise-Edition: $50USD/Month extra

NOTE: Windows 2008 is available on the order forms.

Remote Reboot & KVM

Servers indicating "Remote Reboot" on the Intel page feature
a Intel vPro powered remote reboot system, free of charge.

For other servers, a APC Remote Reboot port allows you to:
- Reboot your server from a webinterface when it does not respond
- Terminate the power to your server

Price per month: $25 USD.


We offer KVM on the Intel Core i5-series and XEON E3.
The price for this feature is $10 USD/Month.


Backup space on one of our backup streamers.
Ordering backup space always has a free setup.

- $10 USD/Month for 5 GB diskspace + 50GB Traffic to backup server.
- $15 USD/Month for 10 GB diskspace + 100GB Traffic to backup server.
- $25 USD/Month for 20 GB diskspace + 250GB Traffic to backup server.
- $50 USD/Month for 50 GB diskspace + 650GB Traffic to backup server.

For customised backup solutions, volume solutions or any other inquiries: Please contact sales.

Managed Services

Standard on all servers:
Self-Managed (Unmanaged): $0.00 USD/Month

For information on managed servers, please see services page.

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