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Intel powered servers
Celeron, Core i and XEON cpu's!
Starting from just:
$44.95 USD More
AMD powered servers
Athlon(x2), Sempron and Opteron cpu's
Starting from just:
$49.95 USD More
Shared Hosting on one of our
cPanel® powered Servers!
Comming soon!
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DedicatedBox offers Managed Services for the clients that do not know how to manage their server, or that dont have the time to look after it themselves.

All our servers always include:

- Free basic setup/installation (Operating System + Control Panel (optional))
- Servers are Self Managed
- 24/7/365 Free Server Reboots (By Support ticket)
- 24/7/365 Access to our support staff (unmanaged questions only)

If you require premium managed support from one of our experts:

- $24.95 USD for a full cPanel® server configuration. (One-time fee)
   Full Configuration, Tweaking and Securing of your server with cPanel/WHM.
   Note: Regular cPanel® installation is free of charge! (Self-configure it to make it completely ready for hosting)
- $37.49 USD per 30 Minutes(**) Managed Support
   Software installation, tweaking, security related work, updates, etc.
   Note: For clients with managed services whose support time for that month is used up,
   the price is only $29.95 USD per additional 30 Minutes Managed Support, or $49.95 per 1 hour.
- $49.95 USD per month per server for managed services
   Full management (3 hours/Mo*), includes all major management requirements.
   (Included for free: OS/Software updates, security checks, control panel updates, etc.)

- $64.95 USD per month per server for managed service + monitoring
   Full management (3 hours/Mo*) + server monitoring (email/sms) (Coming soon!)

* = Used in segments of 15 minutes of work when a managed support request is made.
     Regular support questions/reboots that are included with the standard unmanaged support are not counted.
     Ex: if you open 3 software install tickets that take 30 minutes each, you will have 1.5 hours left that month.
     Note that only supported and compatible software installs are included in the plan. Ask us for terms & details.

** = Min. 30 minutes, charged per 30 minutes, with a 5 minute leniency.
     Ex: A set of software compiling on your system takes 50 minutes, you pay for 2 * 30 minutes.
     Ex2: Upgrading Apache, PHP and mySQL takes 25 minutes, you pay for 1 * 30 minutes.
     Ex3: Doing a variety of jobs takes 34 minutes, we only charge 1 * 30 minutes.

Any issue that needs a fix and is caused by the client's own failure, wrong use and/or under client's own responsibility (such as (third) parties working for the client) are never covered under the management plan nor our warranty, and thus subject to (extra) charges (without discount), including but not limited to the time required for (security) investigations to determine the cause of an issue. This can be costly! Be careful who you grant access, don't do something if you're unsure, keep your passwords secure, stay safe!
Any damage caused by client or parties working for client is never our responsibility.

For more information, please contact our sales department.

Please be advised: the prices on this page only apply to our clients
with a VPS, Dedicated or Colocated server.
Clients whom do not host with us can hire us for:
$124.95 USD/Hour or $199.95 USD/Month (3 hours/Month*)

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